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Ozark Montessori Academy

2017-2018 Academic Calendar

Ozark Montessori Academy

2016-2017 Academic Calendar

Lottery Selection Process

This handout demonstrates the process used by our third party to select students in the 2015-16 lottery.

Student Selection Handout

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Video: Imagine a School

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Rendering of the renovated OMA facility. Click photo to see larger PDF version.



Ozark Montessori Academy, a public K-6 charter school, was authorized by the Arkansas Department of Education on November 13, 2014.
Mission: To empower a diverse student community to become independent, creative, and socially responsible learners through adherence to the principles and models of instruction set forth by Maria Montessori.

  • Every student will be placed in a small school environment with multi-age classrooms and fewer grade transitions to promote a strong sense of community, role-modeling and family involvement to assure academic gains.
  • Every student will receive instruction from a Montessori-certified teacher using quality Montessori curriculum materials in an environment aligned with American Montessori Society (AMS) accreditation standards.
  • Every student will be diagnostically assessed in Common Core State Standards literacy and math knowledge and skills within two weeks of starting school to inform the development of a Personal Work Plan and serve as a baseline for measuring academic achievement throughout the school year.
  • Every student will receive integrated STEAM instruction incorporating 21st Century college and career preparation skills, including: computer coding; media production; graphic arts; internet research and safety; service learning projects; global diversity; and sustainability.
  • Every student will receive instruction in a second language emphasizing multicultural studies. All students will be offered Spanish, but students may choose to work independently on a language of their choice.
  • Every student will receive instruction in practical life skills, including: food preparation, personal hygiene, gardening, animal care, cleaning and maintenance of classroom and schoolyard spaces, simple repairs, child development and first aid.
  • Every student will receive instruction in character education emphasizing the Montessori values of grace, courtesy, respect and responsibility.

If you would like to learn more about our school, please request an appointment by completing a contact form at the link below.

Please attend a Public Information Meeting or make an appointment to visit with the Program Director before applying to our school. This will allow you to decide if Montessori is right for you but will have no impact on the lottery. Also, be aware that you will have 1 week following the lottery drawing to accept the position. To apply for a classroom seat for your child(ren) in the April lottery, please click on the link below.


*PLEASE NOTE May’s Board Meeting will be held Tuesday May 30th at 5:30 PM in the OMA Conference Room, 301 Holcomb St. in Springdale.¬†

You will be able to find school supply lists each year in this tab.

2015-16 OMA School Supply List (2016/2017)